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Our Philosophy

In keeping with the example of the New Testament and especially with the church in Antioch (Acts 13), Bible Baptist Church believes that the local church has a responsibility to support missionaries around the world with both our prayers and our finances.  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 explains that churches are to plant churches which baptize new converts and teach them all those things that our Lord taught as found in the New Testament scriptures.   Bible Baptist Church is a local church that endeavors to do this in our area, and we wish to support men and women whom God has raised up to do the same thing in regions outside our “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8).  

Our Procedure

From time to time we invite missionaries to our church for the purpose of presenting their particular ministry.  This is done in one of the services of our church and especially during our annual Missionary Conference.  At an appropriate time thereafter, the church will consider and vote to support some of these missionaries on a regular, monthly basis. 

Faith Promise Giving

Our church has adopted a system of giving whereby individuals and/or families prayerfully decide what God would have them give through the church to the support of those missionaries selected by the church.  This faith promise commitment is received every year during our mission’s conference.  At that time, the members of the church indicate on an unsigned card what they are trusting God to enable them to give to the missions program of the church.  

Missions Conference

Each year during the late fall the church hosts a Missionary Conference.  The church is decorated around the missions theme, missionaries come and set up a display of their ministry, a featured preacher delivers sermons on a missionary theme, and missionaries speak to the church about the particular field to which God has led them.  It is sometime after this conference that the church makes its decisions regarding our support commitment.


Our Missionaries

The SnydersThe Ackerles

The WhitenersThe Gardners

The Remples