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Salvation Forever - Part 2 (10.1.17) Series Salvation Forever - Part 2 (10.1.17)

This is the conclusion of the message preached earlier by the…

Salvation Forever - Part I (10.1.17) Series Salvation Forever - Part I (10.1.17)

Some believe in eternal insecurity. The Bible teaches eternal…

The Joy of Answered Prayer (9.24.17) Series The Joy of Answered Prayer (9.24.17)

The promise of joy given by Jesus is not for prayer, as such,…

Walking with the Almighty (9.17.17) Series Walking with the Almighty (9.17.17)

One of the most thrilling truths for the Christian is that he/she…


Truths That Thrill the Christian's Heart


Why Do The Godly Suffer - Job


The Enemies of the Saints

The Christian faces three enemies--the devil, the world, and the flesh.

Upper Room Discourse

A private sermon by Christ

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